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Acting like you are on a weight loss roll for quick results

Acting “as if” is a very good tool to use in your fitness goals this year. Acting “as if” requires you to go forward into the future…In your mind and believing what you’re pursuing actually is your current reality. This allows you to access resources that will empower you to behave in a way that is congruent with what you want. It’s a healthy mindset that allows you to think in a way that puts your body in motion toward what you most want. 

What I like most about acting as if is that I stop and consult my thoughts prior to behaving in a way that moves me forward. For example if I believe that fitness is one of my highest priorities then I will say to myself how will I act if this were true? I would have a workout plan, healthy food choices and communicate that this is important to me. As I act in this way my mind and body will eventually start to believe it. 

Ask yourself what you want most for yourself this year. Take time to journal what you would do if this were in fact 100% true for you. Then act “as if” it is! 

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Goals are good!

Goals are good. They provide you with direction. Start this new year assessing where you are and then decide where you want to be. Start with an end in mind. What is your long range goal? Break this down into mini goals. Each mini goal is taking you in a healthier direction. Celebrate these accomplishments! Although they seem small they will stack up quickly and you will be closer to your target.

Let’s assume you want want to lose 20 pounds. That is the long range goal. Some of your mini goals could include:
Having healthy snacks instead of vending machine treats.
Bringing lunch to work that is portion controlled.
Giving up sugar sodas.
Working out 3 times per week.
Drinking 6 glasses of water per day.
Recording your food intake.

You get the idea. Focus on one mini goal at a time. Once it has become second nature to you add another one.

Big changes happen when you make small, consistent changes.

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Enjoy the feast while trimming calories

How to trim calories this holiday while still enjoying the festivities. This is often not well received but the reality is all of the food you are going to consume has calories. All calories are not equal. Thinking naturally thin means thinking about what you are going to eat well before you feast. Be mindful of what you plan on eating. Below is a list of where your calories are coming from this holiday. Follow these simple steps to be prepared with a plan for trimming calories without sacrificing enjoyment:
• Look at what you typically will eat.
• Determine what you rarely have and truly enjoy
• Cross-reference the calories and ask if it’s worth the price.
• If it’s worth the calorie load, what type of exercise will you do to reduce the damage.
• Break it down to macronutrients: Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates.
• Each meal and snack should consist of one of each of the macronutrients.
• Decide in advance what you are selecting for each of the categories to make up the meal.
For example if you typically snack on nuts and drink eggnog. You can see that they are almost 800 calories (the macronutrients are primarily fat, protein and carbs) you may realize that you can have those anytime but not the homemade cheesecake. Which has a very similar breakdown macronutrient wise. If it really isn’t worth the calorie load, decide on raw vegetables instead, take a couple sips of egg nog and enjoy the cheesecake. Little modifications go a very long way.
I’ve provided you with some typical foods you may eat during the holidays and what you could choose instead. In some cases it is a lower calorie load. In others it is similar but an exchange, ultimately reducing your calories consumed.
Holiday Feast​​​​Calories​ Replace with
1 glass of sparkling juice ​​120 ​​ Diet soda
1 cup eggnog ​​​​343 ​​1 slice cheesecake ​​​372
Irish coffee ​​​​218 ​​ Coffee with sugar free flavoring
1 glass wine ​​​​120 ​​ Dry wine alternating with water​​ 85
1 bottle of beer ​​​271 ​ ​Light beer​​​​100

5 large olives ​​​​92 ​​½ cup mixed raw vegetables ​​25
½ cup mixed nuts ​​​440 ​​½ cup fresh fruit ​​​60
1 ounce tortilla or potato chips ​​150 ​​ 1 oz of soy chips​​​109
1 tablespoon dip for chips ​​75 ​​2 Tablespoons of hummus​​ 60
2 oz. Swedish meatballs ​​100 ​​2 oz. boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce​ 60

ham / dark poultry / prime rib​ 340 ​​ White Meat / Lean meat ​​150
½ cup stuffing ​​​​180 ​​ 3 cups salad greens​​​ 50
½ cup cranberry sauce ​​​190 ​​ 1 piece pumpkin pie ​​​180
½ cup mashed potatoes ​​150 ​​ ½ Baked potato​​​​ 60
½ cup green bean casserole ​​225 ​​ ½ cup sautéed green beans​​ 50
1 dinner roll with butter ​​160 ​​2 small chocolate chip cookies ​​150
2 tablespoons of ranch dressing ​150 ​​ Dressing Spray​​​​ 10

Think Yourself Thin This Holiday

Thinking thin for the holidays means always thinking ahead. What are you going to wear for gatherings this season? Where will you go? What functions will you attend? What will the menu be. Naturally thin people do this as second nature. They have an outfit picked out well in advance. They made decisions on what to eat based on their plans. They want to be comfortable in the clothes they wear and with themselves. They are also active by nature. They move around and get plenty of lifestyle exercise. This is an important distinction for chronic dieters. Keep your mind focused on thinking ahead while you make plans. If you neglect to do this it can sabotage you and cause much distress.

Our goal is coasting through the holidays with zero weight gain! Plan out what you are doing over the next couple of weeks. Schedule time to exercise to burn those calories. Pick out what you are wearing and place it where you can see it. Ask questions regarding where you are going and what will be served. This level of dedication will be admired by those around you.

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Coast through the holidays with zero weight gain

One of your health goals this holiday is to enjoy the festivities without gaining weight. This is completely obtainable and a wise way to approach the season.

My posts are going to be geared toward thinking naturally thin. Naturally thin people follow an internal set of guidelines to keep them well within their preferred weight and clothing size. I have been studying this for two decades and have taught thousands of people to think thin. You can trust my advice in this area. I will teach you how to change the way you think.

Visualizations and affirmations can and will help you in this area. Take one minute daily to reprogram your mind and body. Imagine that you are naturally thin. You make excellent choices and you feel good living in your body. Remind yourself that you deserve this. It can be that simple!

I am posting positive affirmations on my instragram page to help you stay on track. Follow me @Rosasmithmontanaro view it daily on weekdays and repeat the positive message to yourself three times. Once in the morning, mid-day and before sleep.

By doing this you are aligning with your mind with a healthy body. In time, you will rid your mind of beliefs and images that don’t support a healthy body.

Enjoy Thanksgiving without expanding you waist size

It is estimated that the average person consume an extra 2,000-3,000 calories. It’s easy to do when you calculate the following:
Appetizers Calories
2 crackers with cheese 140
½ cup mixed raw vegetables 25
½ cup mixed nuts 440
1 ounce tortilla or potato chips 150
6 ounces white and dark turkey with skin 345
½ cup stuffing 180
½ cup cranberry sauce 190
½ cup mashed potatoes 150
½ cup gravy 150
½ cup green bean casserole 225
½ cup candied sweet potatoes 150
1 dinner roll 110
1 pat butter 45
1 piece apple pie (1/8 of 9-in pie) 410
1 piece pumpkin pie (1/8 of 9-in pie) 180
½ cup whipped cream 75
1 cup eggnog 343

Here are some tips to help you manage the amount of calories you digest for Thanksgiving.

Have a protein based breakfast. Eggs are filling and will stabilize your blood sugar until you eat your main meal.

Plan what you are eating in advance, it’s okay to pass on foods that you are not crazy about.

Make choices based on macronutrients. Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates. The easy way to do
this is to select your protein, fat, vegetable and one sugar based carb. Do you want the pie, cranberry sauce or eggnog? Your body can digest much easier when there is a protein, fat and fiber balance. Plus it will slow down the sugar in your system.

Burn those extra calories within 24-48 hours. Plan a walk or activity that will help you burn those excess calories before they convert to fat.

Stay focused on the long term goal. I post positive Thinking Thin Affirmations to keep you on track on my Instagram page. If you want to follow me, my username is RosaSmithMontanaro

Think Thin Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is two weeks away. You want to start thinking about it now. I am not referring to the holiday gathering. I mean what will your body feel like on Thanksgiving? What will you be wearing? Will your weight be up / down or the same? The decisions you make today will cause you to take actions that will result in reality. Your future reality is up to you to create, here and now. Think about your daily habits. Ask yourself what will your reality be in a couple of weeks. Then be honest with yourself. How does this reality feel?

If it’s good, keep up the good work. If you feel negative, then you have some new divisions to make. I would suggest you imagine what you’d like instead. Now is the fun part! Take back your power my friend. Identify three changes you can make that will allow you to move closer to what you want and away from what you don’t. I know you can create a reality that makes you smile. Give yourself this gift!

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4 Tips to stay motivated to lose weight

Finding the motivation to stay on track with your weight loss goal can be a task in itself. It is natural to feel discouraged when you don’t see the results you hoped for. It is not healthy to stay in that mindset. The last thing you need is to let your mind become obsessed with negative thoughts. So the question becomes: “How do you stay motivated while on the journey?” I have listed 5 tips to help you:

Be in it for the long haul: You didn’t gain weight overnight so you won’t lose it overnight. It is going to take longer than you want to reach your goal. If you decide that no matter what happens, you will not give up, you will be more resilient. Tell yourself that it is only a matter of time and you will reach your weight loss goals.

Being realistic: Every body responds differently to eating plans. Do your research and know what works for your body type and lifestyle. This will also help you in mentally prepare for what to expect. I used to be in sales and would attend seminars to boost my motivation. One of my favorite speakers Zig Ziglar, teaches “Expect the best, prepare for the worst.” It is great advice.

Have a plan and follow your plan: It is wise to have a game plan that takes into consideration needing a back-up plan. Plan your meals, shopping list and exercise schedule. Stick to your plan! But just in case something changes, have a plan B, like healthy snacks to munch on if you miss your window for food.

Keep your eye on the goal. Remember to put the past behind you, don’t dwell on things that make you feel bad. Replace those thoughts with an image of you living in your healthy body – doing what you enjoy. This is the mindset that will motivate you. Think of Werner Erhard’s quote: “Create your future from your future, not your past.”

Modification is the 2nd M

The M & M Diet

This series will begin with a brief overview of the key components and then with a deeper dive. You can create a healthy and fit body in spite of setbacks when you follow a diet of Moderation and Modifications.

Modification is the second M in the M&M Diet.

This is applied in many areas of your life. Here are my 8 primary areas and strategies that I use to apply modifications.

1. Exercise – in order to remain active you will have to learn the limitations of your body and honor those limits. Find ways to modify your workout using timing and techniques that will help you to become stronger.

2. Food – a healthy food plan is not sustainable without modifications. This requires a lot of planning and preparation. This is why balance is one of your strategies. It will afford you the time you need.

3. Work – physical limitations can cause discomfort. You may have to request accommodations in the work place to allow you to not aggravate what is limiting you from progressing.

4. “Framily” – this is a tough one. Friends and family may not relate to your lifestyle choices, and it’s okay to limit who you are spending time with if it is causing you more stress than smiles.

5. Communicate – we are back to speaking your truth. I have found that this is a major, major, major key in healing and progressing. Talk to people, ask for what you need. It’s healthy, my friends.

6. Have trusted advisers – if you want to create a healthy mind/body/soul, then you need people who can assist you by telling you what is in your best interest. People who have accomplished what you want to are my recommendations.

7. Listen to your body – and we are back to mindfulness. Pay attention to your body. Pain is different that soreness. Muscles ache differently than injury. You MUST listen and adjust or you will cause damage. Damage takes longer to heal.

8. Step forward and back – progress is not a straight line. You might feel like you are going backwards. You have to be willing to take a break when you need it and start over as many times as it takes.

Moderation is the 1st M in the M&M Diet

This series will begin with a brief overview of the key components and then with a deeper dive. You can create a healthy and fit body in spite of setbacks when you follow a diet of Moderation and Modifications.

Moderation, Diet Tips Moderation is our first M in the M & M Diet. This is how you can eat your cake and be trim, too.

My 8 main strategies that I use to modify are the following:

1. Balance – you must be willing to create a life that will allow everything you need to heal and thrive within a reasonable time frame.

2. Logic – make decisions using the logical side of your brain. Emotions are fickle and will change depending on too many factors that are out of your control. Progress takes time.

3. Mindfulness – be in the moment and give your best within that moment. Tune out the chatter of your inner critic. That voice is a major distraction.

4. Know your triggers – this one is a major key. Sometimes moderation is not possible with a trigger food / place / person, etc. Don’t set yourself up for failure.

5. Speak your truth – everyone will have a different opinion on what you should eat and how much. I find that the easiest way to avoid this is to speak your truth and not defend it.

6. Don’t give in to peer pressure – people unknowingly will pressure you to skip a workout or eat when you are not really hungry, etc. Let your friends know that you made up your mind and if they would like to be supportive they will not tempt you.

7. Follow the 80/20 rule – if you are making good choices 8 out of 10 times consider it a success. Don’t focus on the other 20 percent. It could cause more harm than good.

8. Assess your progress and adjust accordingly – moderation is an ongoing practice. You will want to monitor what is working and what is hurting you. Be proactive and adjust as often as needed.

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