Coach Rosa is your faithful guide to creating the healthy mindset required to reach your goals. 

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Train Your Brain to Think Naturally Thin

My coaching approach integrates the art and science of your brilliantly powerful subconscious mind to alert you on how to change the way you think. It is my belief that our lives are a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs. If you want to transform your life you must first transform your mind.

Lose Weight Feel Great!

This can be your breakthrough year! It is my honor to coach you through this journey and help you lose weight while creating a healthy and happy mind / body. I am very excited for you and to be cheering you on as you reach your goals. Join my tribe today and let’s get you started.

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Healthy Mindset Affirmations

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Train Your Brain

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Tapping Sessions (EFT, TFT)

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Food Combining for Fat Loss

Avoid an Insulin Response 

Intermittent Fasting and Keto 

Gut Health - Mood & Weight

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Your Guide Coach Rosa

I am the best selling author of Mind Over Platter: Train Your Brain To Think Thin! I have an extensive background in a number of Mind/Body Techniques including Hypnosis and NLP, which means I understand how your thinking is getting in the way of your desires and dreams. I can teach you how to rewire your brain in simple ways that will have a profound impact on your life. 

I've done my research and can offer you the best for your mind, body and spirit. A true wellness program combining Life & Success Coaching, Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP), Visualization / Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Tapping and cutting edge information about Gut Health & Bioenergetics of Nutrition. If you are interested in a low carb lifestyle you are going to love my program. I am a certified Keto & Intermittent Fasting Coach and have a number of resources to assist you in reaching your health and wellness goals.

Order your copy of the Best Seller Mind Over Platter: Train Your Brain To Think Thin Today! 

Marion Andrews

"I have tried many weight loss programs, and this is the first time that I feel as though I am truly accomplishing what I need. Just losing weight is not the goal, but rather finding your true self as a truly thin person. The Mind Over Platter approach works on this mindset. I have kicked the sugar habit and lost over 30 pounds!"

Debra Raup

"Mind Over Platter is such a relief, learning from Coach Rosa that it is all about your mindset. It is all about the way you think, Coach Rosa's positive affirmations, nine important rules, vision boards and that right mindset, I FINALLY within just five months LOST the first 25 pounds!"


Karen Orrico

"The 21-Day Diet™ was just what I was looking for, I followed it faithfully and lost 28 pounds. To my delight, the Mind Over Platter® coaching program was just as effective. I lost another 5 so in total down 33 pounds since having the pleasure of knowing Coach Rosa."