Hypnosis is simply a narrow focus of attention to the point that it elicits trance. Trances occur all of the time, at least once every 90 minutes. Your brain goes through various states of activity, a relaxed state is known as trance.

When you are awake and mentally engaged in something your brain is in a beta state. When you relax, meditate or simply “zone” out your brains slows down to an alpha state. When you are in a dream-like state — not awake yet not fully asleep — your brain slows down even more to a theta state. While asleep your brains slows down to a delta state. Trance occurs while you are in an alpha state, theta state and in delta (which is known as hypno-sleep).


When the mind is in a trance-like state, your conscious mind is not fully paying attention and the subconscious mind is more receptive to suggestion. Hypnosis is simply utilizing what is naturally occurring in your mind (a trance-like state) to reinforce positive suggestions to assist you in changing habits and beliefs at the subconscious level.

All habits, beliefs and automated behaviors are stored in the subconscious mind and are triggered into action without your awareness. It is a very powerful and important part of your mind to understand and master. If you don’t influence what goes into your subconscious mind, someone else will!

Hypnotic -Visualization

Your mind goes in and out of an alpha state quite effortlessly, relaxing, daydreaming, boredom, intrigue, stories all will elicit an alpha state. Hypnosis elicits an alpha or deeper state of mind. Hypnotists often use visualization, stories, metaphors and relaxation techniques to elicit a trance state (a.k.a. hypnosis).

While you are in this peaceful state of mind, we make suggestions that recreate what you have stated that you want to accomplish in your life. For example if you said that you wanted to stop eating ice cream at night and would rather sip herbal tea, then while in a trance I would have you see the time at night when you would usually eat ice cream, but instead you brew a nice hot cup of aromatic herbal tip. You are sipping it and feel incredibly satisfied. I would continue with these types of suggestions to support your goal. After a few sessions people report that they were craving herbal tea at night and for some reason forgot the ice cream was in the freezer.

Hypnosis is very effective in changing negative habits and limiting beliefs. It is a peaceful way to create change. One of the benefits of hypnosis is relieving stress because it is so relaxing to experience. You will be glad that you are taking the much deserved time to calm your mind and feed it with positive, empowering messages.


I offer a number of videos, audios and products to assist you in reprogramming your mind to unlock your subconscious mind to guide you toward your goals. I take my role as your Virtual Coach very seriously. I promise to only make hypnotic suggestions that are proven to be effective. My intention is that all of my audio, video and subliminal recordings are to be used for your highest good.